Saturday, 31 January 2009

The wheels come off

Until today, everything had been going according to plan for the Fegocowosa team. Today at Unilag, the wheels came off in spectacular fashion. A combination of bad organisation, indisciplined bowling and reckless batting saw us collapse to a 30 run defeat against our main rivals, Ibeju-Lekki 2.

It is never a good idea to start a game with 8 players, and an even worse idea to finish it with just 10, but a mixture of poor communication, environmental sanitation and external forces meant that this was how approached what was by far our most important game of the season.

Ibeju's total of 156-9 was thanks in no small part to the generosity of our bowlers, who donated 43 wides to the Ibeju cause, and only Femi Oduyebo could hold his head up high after a pitiful batting performance which saw us dismissed for 126.

Our future is still in our hands, as we will get an opportunity to redeem ourselves in the return fixture, but we will have to learn from this defeat if we are to seize that lifeline.


  1. for me a blame myself a lot for not putting up my best in the circumstance....we the older players have to start taking more responsibilities...i have taken up more bowling more serious...i cant let the younger ones make us the older ones run around the field due to their indiciplined line of bowling.....i still have alot to prove ..skipper over to you

  2. Well guys I still tink say no shakin.......just titen d loose ends!

  3. una well don ooh, shey becos d balance guys no dey una no fit perform abi.
    i hope say no be d usual donors na him commit the donatus work (una know una self)
    e be like say na over jolof dey worry us all.
    we must pick ourselves up before dis defeat begin dey hunt us.
    kai na wah.